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Baertschi, based in Switzerland, is a leading job shop manufacturer of high-quality precision turned parts. 
Customer satisfaction is our  no.1 priority.
True to Swiss tradition in precision crafting, we offer precision screws and turned parts manufactured according to customer specifications. We cater to a variety of industries where filigree precision parts are key to the quality of end products, including electronics, medical, hearing devices, watchmaking, measurement technology and machine manufacture automation.
However, we are always up for a new challenge and new sectors that demand new and innovative solutions.
Swiss state-of-the-art screw machine technology allows us to machine special materials like titanium, to hold tight tolerances and to provide you with comprehensive solutions to critical manufacturing issues.
Our scope of solutions includes:

CNC turned parts with a diameter of 20 mm

Precision with cam-controlled long turning lathes with diameter of up to 10.0 mm

Turned parts on a ring turning lathe (Escomatic) with a diameter of 4 mm

Processing of difficult to cut materials such as titanium on all machine types


Naturally, our lathe cutting services are accompanied by cleaning and grinding, as well as heat and surface treatment services.

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