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At Baertschi, we use a combination of CNC and conventional Swiss type lathes technology to provide high quality custom precision parts, manufactured mostly on Swiss type lathes. Originally developed for the Swiss watch industry, this type of turning is designed to turn small, complex precision parts.
Unlike conventional lathes where the part is stationary and the tool moves, a Swiss-type turning center allows the part to move in the Z axis, while the tool is stationary. The cutting tools move in and out of the material to create required diameters while the material is moved forward to create required lengths. The bar stock is firmly held and rotated within the machine, while it slides through a tight guide bushing which hinders the material from  flexing away from the cutting tool.
Swiss turning machines thus provide extreme accuracy, e.g. a 0.0002” tolerance. Furthermore, as CNC Swiss turning utilizes numerous tools to provide a variety of machining techniques (incl. milling, drilling, turning, tapping), there usually is no need for secondary operations on the parts and the manufacturing can be performed in one single process.
To enable Baertschi to stay ahead of its competitors and to offer its client base the most efficient platform for precision parts production, we have invested, and continue to invest in the latest Swiss type lathe technology.

Our equipment in our new  state-of-the-art 10'000 square foot facility includes:


9 CNC Swiss type lathes  

24 cam-controlled Swiss type lathes

8 automatic ringlathes

Using these to their full potential, our highly trained and motivated workforce can produce complex precision components to your print specifications, e.g. based on CNC/CAD programme files.